The Little Engine That Could

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

It's been a long, been a long, been a long day!

Last night, the man and I went to see the Dark Knight. I liked it, and fell asleep on his lap about 2/3 of the way through the movie. The action sequences were making me a little pukey, so I laid my head down and was out like a light. At the end, he said, wake up darling, the movie's over-- just like my dad would when I was a little girl.

How I long for drive in movies. Where I can properly fall asleep in the car.

Work is turning into a bit more of a challenge than I'd like. There are a lot of programs and really not enough time to make it all happen to the level I want it to happen at. I think I am done trying to kill myself over these things, over the tiniest of tiny details. No one cares anyways-- except me. I wish I could be one of those people that could say "it doesn't matter" , but it does. I take things personally, I have a soft soft skin, and I feel bad when I haven't performed to the best of my ability.

I promise I will blog more later this week. I have so much to say.

The man-- he's a good boy. He picked up his trash from the theater. And threw it in a garbage can. And only moderately fondled me when the lights went down, he pulled down my sweater when it rode up and separated from my jeans. He's a good man. Sweet and respectful.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Jet Lag Sucks

I've been up since about 3am after falling asleep on the couch at 9:30 and then taking myself to bed at 12:30. And then, 3am, wide freakin' awake.

Jet Lag Sucks.

The good news is that I have slogged through all my mail for 3.5 weeks and only have a few bills to pay and a few checks to deposit.

Back to work yesterday-- it wasn't so bad. There are a lot of things to do, but ultimately I think it worked out well. Over the next three weeks there are a lot of programs to take care of, and I think we can handle them all. Then soon after-- vacation. That will be awesome.

Tonight I take a train out to the boyfriends house and meet the parents for dinner. I am not nervous, but excited. He's such a good man, I want to thank his folks for raising him right.

He picked me up at the airport with flowers. So sweet. And then we spent the next 20 hours with each other, kissing, cuddling, talking-- just getting to know each other again. I really love this man. He made me a mix playlist of songs he loves and that remind him of me. Ahhh.

I have pictures to post. I have no idea when I will get to them. After I meet the parents tonight, we head out to the North Fork of LI and have a weekend at a B&B. Walks on the beach, pool time, country band listening, and general "I've missed you.".

My mom asked me if she should start saving for a wedding. I told her it would be a good idea. I want to spend as much time with him as possible, and we make a really strong couple-- he's quiet to my bull in a china shop, both of us are mushy, he's calm to my fighter, I'm patient to his anxiety, and both of us only want the best for each other. We adore each other. And neither of us are stingy with affection or words or gestures. We sleep entangled without being "get off me"-- and we are still learning to be in a relationship together.

Being gone for almost a month had me realize how much I love him and he me, and that there are things more important than work and money and whatnot. That being with another person and being truly known, that's the secret. Money and work are important, but balance is key.

So wedding? Well, she should start saving. I don't know if it will be so, but at least I want to be prepared. I can't imagine any time soon, and I don't want to push anything but I also can't imagine someone more perfect that I want to share my secrets with.

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Airplane food

This is just a small little post.

Can anyone tell me what this is.......?

I didn't think so. This is what I got for lunch from London to Frankfurt. I ate most of it, there seemed to be a fish thing and a bread thing and a mango thing. But the head cheese thing with the butter on the side.... well, I tried not to touch.

Germans are weird.