The Little Engine That Could

Thursday, April 30, 2009

A Road Trip

Today James and I drive to NC to visit family and see my youngest niece (as of now) have her first communion. Ahh, how exciting!

I am packed, I need to shower, but lists are made and there are trains to catch to see my honey and stock up on some road food. We try to do it on the cheap, and on the healthy. Over the summer we went to Canada and did sammiches and chips, this time it will be a little different.

My list?

Ham, swiss (his choice, not mine), mini cheeses, rye, peanut butter, apples, grapes, celery, pretzel rods (again, his choice, not mine) yogurt and a couple sodas. Perhaps I might get some chips, but most likely will stick with fruits and veggies as crunchy foods.

I am also taking some WW mini bars. Those things are freaking awesome.

I love road trips. I made a playlist for our time, he has XM so we will be just fine with grooving in the car. Both of us love to sing with the radio anyhow, and I think we have some great driving tunes to get us by.

I'm excited to see the family. Nervous, because something always comes up, someone's feelings gets hurt, and there is never enough time. One thing I realized yesterday is that I am a missing in my neices and nephew's lives. I have no idea what they are into, what bands they like, what their favroite superhero is. These are important things to know. This weekend I made a promise to myself to get to the bottom of these questions.

Wish me luck. On the road, with the family, and staying on track. It's a bright sunshiney day, and I am just loving life.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Updates and a Promise

Hey there everyone....

Well, Spring seems to have hit. This past weekend was chock full of spring cleaning-- the great wardrobe clear out, a little cash and a cute new dress purchased. I've gone through books and boxes and bags of things, things that I stuff away when guests come over. I have cleared out the carb monster from the cabinets, every now and again I'll have a cookie/ donut/ crackers-- but overall, feeling very clean and fresh.

I spent the better part of April temping at a hotel in the city. A very nice hotel. Where I worked as a Sales Coordinator in the basement. So all day I saw nothing but beige walls and the cafeteria. It was nice to have free food, but it's hotel food, so not great. I was happy when the temp job ended, the money was nice, but I wasn't making much more than on unemployment. And I wasn't able to job search or get emails or texts, because of security and well, being in the basement sucks. I did learn that hotels don't pay anything and think $950 for a standard room is reasonable. Really? Yes.

Yesterday I spent the day outside, basking in the sun, running errands. I just have to be outside when it's sunny and not humid-- it makes such a difference in my outlook. And considering my Vitamin D levels were a little bit low, it doesn't hurt to get a little sun. I found a great place to have my shoes fixed, and now have almost brand new boots and sandals for less than the cost of replacing them. Nice.

Sunday was glorious. James and I went to the park for a picnic and laid a blanket on the ground, ate grapes and meat and cheese and crackers, then he took a nap and I read. And we just got to be with each other without being on the couch (house poor) or going out (lack of money prevents this). For about $10, we ate and drank and loved each other and got some fresh air. We could have done it even cheaper, but it was a last minute thought, and it was a wonderful way to spend our 11-month anniversary.

Yes, I am still counting the months. We are almost upon a year of our first meeting, and I still can't believe it's true. I just love him so much, and I know he loves me. I am so lucky, he has no problem expressing his emotions, and he's such a mush, we get misty together. He cries, I cry, and we love each other. Life is grand. He is moving in slowly but surely, by the middle of May, he'll be here full time. Wow.

I am decidedly less of a big girl than before. It's been about a year since I have lost anything significant. I am on WW to keep a journal. I figured now that I have about 60-80 pounds to lose, I can do it like everyone else, diet, exercise, and use my pouch as a tool. I no longer have to beat myself up. I go to the meetings, I weigh in, and I listen. I am looking forward to getting to the 10% goal, and hopefully that will be before my birthday. I've gone back to the gym, I've got a plan, and I have some balance.

As for the job search, I go in fits and starts. My expectations have lowered, but I am looking. I don't have a lot of pride when it comes to work, I am looking to be at a great place, where I can make a difference, I make an impact, am valued, can influence others and makes a decent salary. I don't need to be rich, I'd like for both James and myself to be out of debt, and then save for a place of our own.

I think about the future and I see promise. I see lots of promise. So my promise to you is that I will write at least once a week. I have the time, I just avoid it because I feel like this blog was about uncovering myself during weightloss, and then when I stopped losing, there was a failure. But that is not true. I am still uncovering myself, in a beautiful and gentle way. Like I said, there is more balance in my life now than ever. I feel great about that.

So ladies, what's going on with you?

Much love--