The Little Engine That Could

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Almost a year

It's been almost a year since I was laid off.

I am having some sad days. Thinking about the grief I did not let myself feel, and then felt for months.
I spend a lot of time indoors, I mostly don't leave the apartment. Except to go to the grocery or the gym. The weekends are better, James is around and I love him so very much.

Life will get better, this I know. My life is more than losing weight, writing about losing weight, finding a job, writing about finding a job. I know it's just so much more than that.

I am totally going to have a pity party today. I deserve it. And then, gym tonight, work it out hard, then tomorrow face the day that my work life came to a sudden and abrupt halt. And I know things will get better. But for today, pity party. I may even watch terms of endearment or something equally as sad and tearful.

Just going to let out the tears, let out the sad, get mad, break something, feel the rage and then breathe through it.

Almost a year. My how life has changed.